In order to increase awareness of international Pay it Forward Day, we encourage you to request that your mayor, governor, and/or president proclaims the last Thursday in April each year as Pay It Forward Day. Most, if not all governments, will not write an ongoing proclamation; therefore, you will need to obtain a proclamation each year. A proclamation is an official document granting or proclaiming recognition of a person, place or thing. Proclamations are granted at the discretion of the government and often involve “naming” a day or specific period of time in recognition of the honoree. The request usually has to be submitted 30 days prior to the date requested; therefore, for Pay it Forward Day you should request the proclamation prior to March 22nd each year.  However, we suggest that you request the proclamation months in advance. This year, over three dozen countries and millions of people will be involved in the day. If you are interested in getting a proclamation created for your city, state, or country, please see the process  below. If you know someone who would be willing to help, please forward this website to them.

Process for Obtaining a Proclamation

  1. Let us know that you are interested in helping to obtain a proclamation for Pay It Forward Day by emailing (Subject line: Pay it Forward Proclamation – [your city, state, or country]).  In the message, include your name; email; and the city, state, and/or country for which you wish to  obtain a proclamation. Check below to see if someone is already obtaining a proclamation from your country, state, city, etc. We want to make sure that we only have one person requesting a proclamation from each government.  Let us know if we can post your name and email in case anyone is interested in contacting you.
  2. Search for your government’s proclamation process. Try googling things such as “State of ________ Proclamation” or “Request a proclamation for city of __________.” You could also go to your government’s website and search.  If you cannot find the proclamation information online, call your government’s office.
  3. You will probably either have to submit an online form or email someone in the government office to request the proclamation.  You should use the information that is in the template proclamation on this website to create a Pay it Forward Day proclamation. In the document, just replace the text in red with your government’s information and change the new text to black before you send the information to your government official.Click on the link below to receive your free Pay it Forward Day proclamation:
  4. Once you receive the proclamation, please email an electronic copy of the proclamation (scan or photo) to so we can post it on the Pay it Forward International Facebook page and the Pay it Forward Day website.

Proclamations Being Obtained
Please click the country below to see which countries, states/provinces, and cities are proclaiming Pay it Forward Day. If you wish to obtain a proclamation, but are not listed, please let us know by emailing


Please find some sample proclamations below 🙂