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28 Countries Now Involved

It is very exciting that we have now 28 countries involved on international Pay it Forward Day. They are as follows – it is all very exciting 🙂

Countries Involved:
1. Australia
2. United States of America (USA)
3. Canada
4. New Zealand
5. South Africa
6. England
7. Singapore
8. Mexico
9. Scotland
10. Ireland
11. Italy
12. France
13. Fiji
14. Russia
15. India
16. Netherlands
17. Belgium
18. Norway
19. Argentina
20. Spain
21. Turkey
22. Syria
23. Croatia
24. Bosnia
25. Herzegovina
26. Korea
27. Puerto Rico
28. Sweden

Let us know if we have missed your country….

Proclamations (USA States)
– Georgia
– Illinois
– Indiana
– Nevada
– New Hampshire

Proclamations (Counties)
– Brevard County, Florida, USA

Proclamations (Cities)
– Cocoa, Florida, USA
– Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
– Denver, Colorado, USA
– Elkhart, Indiana, USA
– Henderson, Nevada, USA
– Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
– Perrysburg, Ohio, USA
– Reno, Nevada, USA
– Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
– San Diego, California, USA
– Westminster, Colorado, USA
– Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada

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