Pay it Forward Songs

We will be posting songs here that are written about Pay it Forward or that relate to the concept.  Send your suggestions to with a link to the music.

Pay It Forward Day Sample Activities

Columbus, Ohio (USA) – Pay it Forward community project at Horizon Science Academy

For the past four years my 10th Grade social studies classes completed an assignment called “Project: Imagine: A social experiment.” The guidelines to the project are for groups of students to go out into the community and complete three Pay it Forward plans. The students develop the plan, implement it, and present their information and experiences in our school’s annual Social Studies Fair. The groups then compete for top prizes as their projects are judged by members of the community. Some of the projects completed throughout the years have been:

  • Developing a basketball clinic for youth at a local YMCA
  • Preparing a baby shower for a homeless woman
  • Reading to kids at a local library
  • Cleaning a neighborhood house

I was excited to come across the pay it forward website and see how so many people around the world are doing similar things. Our project will be concluding near the pay it forward day on April 26th.

(Clay Sherrod, Social Studies Teacher, Horizon Science Academy)

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Pay It Forward Day 2011 Activities

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San Diego, California (USA) SURFice Dog Ricochet will be in a shopping mall giving out fortune cookies that say “unleash good fortune… paw it forward”. She’ll also be giving out Pay It Forward wristbands and Paw It Forward wristbands.

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) – UNLV students, faculty, and staff will be planting 40-50 tress on-campus (11am-1pm).  UNLV students will be leaving a Free Hugs Campaign on the Las Vegas Strip.  If you would like to join, show up at 5pm in front of the Bellagio fountains.  Don’t forget to bring your Free Hugs sign. Click here to learn more about Free Hugs Campaigns.

Pay It Forward Day 2011 Articles

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