There are many business that have decided to embrace the Pay it Forward phenomenon, sparking some amazing acts of kindness in the community. Not only is a great for the morale of the business paying it forward, it gives the community

The possibilities are endless as to the difference each organization can make. Paying it Forward can also attract positive publicity for your organization, which is priceless when attracting and retaining loyal customers.

Please let us know how your business is making a difference so we might be able to add yours to the list. You may even like to be a major sponsor of Pay it Forward Day too.

Here are a list of businesses that support Pay it Forward Day and make a huge difference in the community…we can’t wait to add your business to the list 🙂

Juuce Interactive (Australia) –
Creative design agency that produces superb solutions in print, web and multimedia environments.

Website design, website hosting, logo development and brochure design for 2 charitable organisations without charge.

Snugzusa (USA) –
Promotional Products Company

Printing and distributing hundreds of thousands of Pay it Forward Bracelets to countries around the world

Santa’s Pantry (Elkhart, USA) –
Donating money to charitable organisations; purchasing much needed items for pantries and shelters; run fundraisers to help non for profit organisations in need.

Numerous Pay it Forward Activities,  proclamation of Pay it Forward Day in Indiana, and making a big difference in the process

Warner Brothers Home Video (Global) –

Offering some complimentary DVD packages as prizes for the greatest Pay it Forward Day stories.