‘Pay it Forward Day’ is an awesome university / college initiative. It has the power to create some amazing leadership skills, coupled with making a huge difference in the local community.
A number of universities and colleges around the world have created a school project or assignment around ‘Pay it Forward.’ The scope and difference that this day can make is really only limited to your imagination.
Let us know what your college or university is doing for Pay it Forward Day, so we can inspire others to follow your lead. Thanks for your support. Sara Nitsche had this to say: “It gives you an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and learn to be leaders….We’re here to make a difference.”

Case Studies
Las Vegas University – Decorating and painting the local drop in centre for disadvantaged youth, free hugs campaign and numerous other activities
University of Phoenix – Runs a Pay it Forward Scholarship Program
North Dakota and Dickinson State University – 42 students went on a 9 day Pay it Forward Tour to encourage participants to focus on service and leadership.
Syracuse University – The Pay it Forward program was selected as the program of the year the National Association of College and University Housing Officers-International. It showed how some simple kind gestures, make a big difference in the community.

Here’s a link to an an article from Harvard and San Diego universities on the benefits of ‘Paying it Forward’