marie | Location: los angeles

i have in the past participated in the pay it forward concept which dates back to benjamin franklin. recently, i forgave a large debt owed to me by a friend, and asked that he in return just pay it forward someday.

Anne Mlod | Location: Auburn, NY

A third grade class at Genesee Elementary School in Auburn, NY has started a Pay It Forward project with twelve other third grade classes – for project details, go to

Jenny | Location: Hollywood

I definitely want to take a part! Hope everyone gets to see and take part. A day of giving – how great is that!

Deb Probert | Location: Gardnerville, nv

A shout out to all 750 employees of GE Energy, Minden, NV, who will be donating food and filling weekend backpacks w/ nutitious food for our children in need in two local elementary schools…not just Apr. 29, but for the entire month of May! Thank you for inspiring us all to “pay it forward!”

Wendy | Location: Holly, MI

Words to live by and it’s easy. I do it all the time and my reward is feeling great 🙂

Adrienne | Location: Connecticut

I enjoy paying it forward anytime I can, just for the joy of it. Not long ago, I was on my way home, and passed an elderly lady with spinal stenosis, all bent over & carrying 2 bags of grocerys. She was quite a ways from the store, so I turned the car around to be on her side of the street, and drove her home & helped her in and out of the car and brought her bags to her door for her. I also gave her my phone number in case she ever needed a ride again. I am retired, but continue to offer counseling gratis to people who couldn’t afford to get it otherwise.

A. Humber | Location: Lakeshore, Ontario

We have 7 local schools and the BIA participating in Lakeshore Pays it Forward. We are kicking off April 3 and we are looking forward to doing something for our comunity on April 29. Thank you for the initiative.

K’lynne Allsop | Location: Medford Oregon

I use Pay It Forward along with Just be nice, not only does it make my heart feel good, it is the right thing to do.
Last week I helped a bus full of small children, they got stuck in a snow bank, while waiting for a tow truck to arrive, I shared my job with the children(forestry)and tried to take their minds off the bus, lets say by the time the bus was free, the kids were asking more questions than i could answer and it filled my heart up to know that maybe I touched someone that day.

Dee Roeske | Location: Howell, MI

Pay it Forward is one of my favorite movies of all time. What a great idea & a great cause. The world would be a much better place if everyone would just “pay it forward”.

Shirley Johnson | Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

From my dear friend Keri Boone:

Okay, so I had bought you a little something at Affair of the Heart. Let me tell you, I stared at these things for like 30 min deciding which one to buy. They were magnets in the shape of a paw print with little notes written on them. One said “My windows aren’t dirty, it’s my dog’s noseprints”. Another said “what happens at the dog park, stays at the dog park”. I finally settled on one that read “Who rescued who?” b/c I know how important rescues are to the both of us! Well, I hate to tell you this but I was picking Luci up at Camp Bow Wow and had a chit chat with the mom of a little ‘big’ boy named Tank, who is an American Bulldog rescue. Her son adopted him and then moved away for some reason.

Tank spent his first 6 mo on a chain in a trailer house utility room. He’s only 8 mo now so he’s got some maturing to do. He likes to chew and hate the kennel and this lady loves him to death but is obviously having some struggles. She left before me. I ran out to my truck and grabbed ‘your gift’ and left it with the girls to give to her when … See Morethey see her again. She needs some encouragement! So, the whole thing made me feel extremely good and it all came together for me. I couldn’t figure out why I had picked the magnet I did with you in mind…the others were probably more fitting…it must have been a God thing and I was choosing one for her all along! So, Merry Christmas, Shirley!! 😀

Thank you for a wonderific present Keri! It is perfect :o)

Warrame | Location: Queensland

I am a Girl Guide leader from Queensland, Autralia. I think Pay it Forward Day is a fantastic idea. Doing a good deed everyday is apart of the guiding way of life. My girls and I will be taking part and challenging each other to see who can do the most deeds.

The Handy Helpers | Location: Riverside,School, Plymouth,Indiana

We are 6th graders and we are already donating to causes that most ADULTS don’t even know. First off, we are donating to Haiti since they had earthquake(7.5)and it knocked down almost EVERY single building. We are also donating to the Heminger House, a place for battered women. Also we are donating, walking, grooming,ect. to the Humane Society.

Nik Carter | Location: Lexington KY

I know paying it forward works out for
everyone. Kindness is contagious; the more people see others helping out,they tend to mimic their behavior. So always stay positive and keep paying it forward, then soon it will get back around to you.
The best way to pay it forward though is to do it anonymously, that way you are doing it with no instant gratification. That way you know that it will come when you need it like it did for the one you helped.

Cristina Calvetti | Location: San Jose, CA

This is an awesome site! My daughter will be distributing cards to her Leadership class, very exciting!

Debbie – Santa’s Pantry | Location: Elkhart, Indiana

We will be participating in Pay It Forward Day also! Ours will kick off on May 1st and run until May 8th. We are so excited to see everyone there participating. Keep up the great work!!

Chad W | Location: UT

I love it, take part of it and support it. Nothing is better.

sarah wideawake | Location: vermont

I have a son with Autism and he is my life. A few years back the schools said they wouldn’t pay for his therapy. He needed this for life skills. I tried to fight it because other communities were paying for it for children. I asked why us? I was getting nowhere fast. I started a Autism walk and donated this money back to the community for this therapy for these kids, and we have reached eight grand in two years and at least ten families. I Am paying it forward for my son because HE CANT.

Jason | Location: Melbourne

I am a great supporter of the concept of “Paying It Forward”. I hope we have one arranged for 2010. I would like to see a worldwide “Pay It Forward” week.
Maybe we need to start out smaller in our ideas of how to “pay it forward”.
The Golden Rule is:
“Do unto others as you would like them to do to you”
We could start out by encouraging others to do little things to begin the giving cycle such as:
– giving way to others in traffic. (letting someone in front of us in peak periods)
– opening a door for someone
– lending a helping hand to a stranger
– etc.
We always need to keep in mind forgiveness someone makes a mistake or if the other person doesn’t acknowledge or takes advantage of our good deed.
Paying it forward doesn’t always have to be a huge show or cost money. The little things are the ones that make all of the difference.

Blake | Location: London at the moment

Pay it Forward Day it is agreed will run every year on the last Thursday of the month of April. 2010 is the 10 year anniversary of the film so we will continue to change the world, one god deed at a time – thanks everyone for your heartfelt support. The recent Pay it Forward Day meeting in Las Vegas went very well – thanks so much for Charley Johnson and Donovan Nichols for your wisdom, energy and commitment, Keep paying it forward and brightening someone’s day in the process 🙂

Best regards,


Amaghqua | Location: Sarasota, FL

We see real angels. They haven’t wings…but oh, they smile …

Vanesia J Joyner | Location: Rocky Mount, NC

i saw this movie several years ago and was inspired by it. i recently wrote a blog that was posted on the social and professional networking site in which i referenced the movie. i was unaware at the time of the foundation and website and all the other wonderful activities of this organization. the blog is still circulating and i plan to modify it and add your info as well. Keep up the great work and God Bless.

vanesia j joyner

Michele Rooke | Location: Vancouver island

Often times if we are in a resteraunt or going through a drive through, we will pick up someone’s tab/pay for the car behind us in the line up. Hopefully this brightens someone’s day. When in Mexico we go into the jungle to where to very poor live and give out toys, school supplies and treats to the children. And when in Vancouver BC we always look for a fellow who hangs out at a certain location and give him grocery money or warm winter clothes. It is our duty here on earth to help our fellow man to the best of our ability.

Andy | Location: Hyde Park,NY

I was meditating and the idea of a pay it forward day came to me. I figured I better see if it’s been done already and sure enough…. I think we should get our new president to endorse such a day so it gets media headlines.

Blake | Location: Gymea

Two, cute little dogs ran across the street near where I live and almost got run over. I stopped to see if I could help them find their owners. Both dogs had no collars on and no name tags and I knew if had left them there they might be run over. So I contacted my dad to help transport them to my sisters place for the evening whilst we called vets and the RSPCA to help find the owner. The following day the owner was so happy to find them and the dogs were ecstatic. I wonder how many other drivers saw the dogs who had travelled some distance and had driven straight by. It is awesome the difference we can all make if we take the time to care. Who can you oay it forward to with a random act of kindness today?

adrian | Location: Australia

i have recently seen the dvd pay it forward and i think that is a good way to inspire other people in the power of giving and that i hope that the power of giving will change the world and make it just that little bit more light hearted.

Gary F | Location: Seattle, WA

I purchased dinner for an older woman dinning alone close to the end of my meal so I could walk out without them knowing who did that.

Next month did that for a grandfather with a young grandaughter at breakfast. They finsihed before we did and he provided a thank you on his fireman’s business card.

Lorraine Johnson | Location: Virginia

Pay it forward, something that I try to achieve everyday, sometimes in the simpliest way. Whatever it may be, I feel that we all have the time to extend our hearts in a positive direction,toward another-toward eachother.

Louanne | Location: Australia

Every time I put money in the parking meters I alsways make sure that I put extra in so the next person to park doesn’t have to pay. I also go along and add money to other parking meters to increase the time for others. It fills me such joy and happiness to do this.

Lisa Waugh | Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

I bought gas for the car beside me at the pump. I loaded an elderly woman’s groceries into her car. I helped a man with his baggage at the security checkpoint at the airport.

Ilya | Location: Russia

Best wishes from Russia! We know the film “Pay It Forward”. It’s a great story.

Jeremy | Location: Caringbah

Great to see all patients receive free television access on Pay it Forward day at Sutherland hospital. Great to organisations doing there part to Pay it Forward and do some good in the community.

Naku | Location: Cambridge,Ontario

I help out in my community by promoting up and coming bands,Volunteer at the Art festivals,and feed impoverished poets, writers,and musicians with the food we grow at our local community center over the summer at no cost. We always cook more servings for supper and people show up. I leave my home open to people to stay for a couple of days when they are down on their luck work with them to find a square one.

Paulette | Location: Brooklyn, Ny

HI! I came across your website and decided to celebrate Pay it Forward Day at my college. I am the vice president of the Coptic Orthodox Christian Club at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY and we hosted the day on our campus. We gave out free ice cream to any student that promised to pay it forward and gave them the card also. It was a great sucess students were extremely happy about the idea and couldn’t wait to pay it forward.

Linda Kopko | Location: Florida

I have tried to pay it forward over a period of time. I have bought grociers for strangers at a supermarket and have told them to just pay forward. over the holidays through several drive throughs I bought the people behind me lunch and told the clerk to tell them to have a nice day and pay forward. I have been told they in return have paid for the person behind them. I have tried to do things to help others. I work at a bank and I see alot customers down to there last dime, I have put maybe $20 in there account without saying anything hoping it would help out alittle. I love the movie and have watched it alot. Thanks for for having this every April.

Wendy | Location: Alberta, Canada

A small group of middle school aged children formed a Pay It Forward group and hosted a food drive for Pay It Forward Day. With the collaboration of an elementary school and community members, over 800 non perishable items were collected for the local food bank.
We also spent all of April teaching others about Pay It Forward and are watching as classrooms are making their own Pay It Forward cards, teachers are working together to make great things happen and community members are becoming a part of the ripple! It is nice to see people start caring about others and working to make our world a better place. Pay It Forward is making a positive change in our schools and our community!!!

Yesterday morning at breakfast a girl had forgotten her ID card so I paid for her breakfast, I also wore a Pay it Forward t shirt that I made and it was decorated with FREE HUGS on the back which made my day really fun and brightened other peoples day. I was also a guest speaker at a Pay It Forward program in my residence hall where we offered free pizza, soda, hugs, kind words, stories and a discussion on the Pay It Forward movement! 🙂

Sylvia | Location: Melbourne

My fiance and I were having a meal out at a nice restaurant and I asked the waiter for the bill. He replied that it had already been taken care of. I said, ‘what do you mean?’ (I was a bit shocked) He told me that another customer had paid for our meal and asked that we do something nice for someone else when the opportunity presents itself. He then handed me a Pay it Forward card.

WOW! A complete stranger just paid for our meal for no reason other than being nice. How good is that! I will most definitely Pay it Forward – I’m inspired to see the movie now.


I was inspired by Donovan Nichols to Pay it Forward. Today I was hoping to do more – but I feel great about what I did. I went to the local discount grocery store (where I usually shop). I always find that many of the folks I see shopping there seem to be struggling. I saw the manager and I asked her to do me a favor. I gave her a pay it forward day card and $20. I asked her to give that to a cashier who will choose a customer at random to give it to. She looked at me funny and said “ok” and I left. I am so excited to continue to do good… It may not always be $20, but I hope to always share a smile.

Chantel clement | Location: brockville Ontario

Hi veiewers!I’m a grade 7 at a public school & HAPPY PAY IT FORWARD DAY! have you people seen the GREAT movie called “Pay it Forward” I’ve seen it and personly ITS GREAT!!! and I’ve read your stories & it means a lot to me & other people in my class. =)

Katelyn Raison | Location: brockville O.N

“HAPPY PAY IT FORWARD DAY” heyy pepo im at school my class is doing a pay it forward project it sounds fun. so just saying happy pay it forward day so stand up & !!! PAY IT FORWARD !!!! 🙂

kristine Bell | Location: melbourne

I was going from Melbourne to go to Queensland for the school holidays with my very young children at the time, on the bus it was a long trip when a man on the bus touched my heart
It was a very cold night on the bus we had to travel for a long time which was getting even chiller I had forgotten to pack a jumper or blanket for myself this kind man said to me please take my jumper
I am warm & do not need it. Two stops after that it was his stop to get off the bus I got up to give him his jumper back said he please keep it the man did not look like he was very well off
but the man with the smile and very warm heart touched me for I think of him alot for there are still very beautiful people in the world Thank you

Kathy | Location: Monroe, Georgia

I like this concept and believe
that it WILL make a difference.

Josh | Location: Post Falls, ID

I’m on my way to get coffee this morning, and I’m going to pay for the person in line behind me. More to come later…

shane botting | Location: south australia

hey guys love what youve done . just a thought how about getting involved in such groups like facebook to start networking around the world. Also maybe consider the emergency services, im in the State Emergency Service and pretty much every day we volunteer our time prforming ood deeds for people from some storm damage or clearing a fallen tree to saving someones life maybe involved in a car accident. if you think any of this is a good path way please email me and i can see what i can do.

cheers and well done

Jen | Location: Brisbane

Somebody paid for my laundry and left me a pay it forward card – it made my day! I look forward to ticking off one of the boxes as I do another good turn for someone else. What a great idea!

Janice Burnett | Location: Kilsyth 3137

I have been pondering and writing of a way to change the attitude of humans from selfish to selfless, when I noticed an article on the T.V. THE UNIVERSE ANSWERED MY CALL! This is how it works -when you give you receive. It is the simple act of genuine love and service in action. We can’t lose! Thank you, and lets keep the ripple moving to every corner of the world! Want to know the secret to happiness? …Be Happy!! pass it on with a smile!

liza telfer | Location: adelaide

what a fantastic idea. im going to see if my young mothers groups would like to put together some care packs for other young new mothers.

Clinton | Location: Australia

I was walking my Dog the other day and found a Mum with her young boy, her son was stuck on a climbing playground, he had his leg cought and his Mum was not tall enough to help him get out. If I was not 6 foot tall and there at that moment he would have broken his leg. I helped him back up and lifted him out of his troubles.
The Mum asked how can I repay you, I replied, “by just being nice to every one you meet, and helping when you can like I did for you”

She smiled and walked away.

Linda | Location: Sydney

Isn’t it about time for some good news and kind deeds are such a great place to start!

A smile is worth a million dollars….

Steve Trostel | Location: Piqua, OH. USA

We were given a large amount of money from an individual to help us pay for our Son’s tuition so he could receive his diploma from his high school he has attended during the past four years. We have faced many adversities over the past several years and was fortunate to have been given this gift, known only to God for their generosity. Our goal is to “Pay it Forward” to help others as we have been helped.

tasha | Location: canada

I still find it hard to believe but a friend of mine recently gave me a car worth almost $10,000… and shes not rich either, she just finished paying it off.. she just knew I really needed a vehicle and she wanted to buy herself a new one, so instead of trading this one in, she just gave it to me!

I told her I didnt know how to repay her, and she said “I dont want you to repay me”….so I said, ” ahhh you want me to pay it FORWARD?”…and she said, “Yes, Pay it Forward!”

Since this happened I have felt so loved and blessed and am so motivated to help others as much as I can…I was trying to come out of a very depressing and difficult period in my life and this has surly lifted the last of my sorrows from my shoulders. I will continue to help others in small ways, and someday, when I am financially able, I hope to find another single mom who’s struggling, and give her a car too!

I tell as many people as I can about this car…because I want the world to know its not too late! We can help each other to build a better world!

Susan Dye

I love the idea of this. Thank you for keeping it going. The cards are a great idea.. I like that there are some for all ages.

Tammy C | Location: Kitchener

What a great opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face …

Sherry Dekker | Location: Stratford

It doesn’t take much effort to keep your eyes open a bit wider and your ears having a higher alert on. For just one moment is all it takes to see or hear that trigger of, this is it!! This is the moment that l will pay it forward!!

Today I realized it’s gonna be Pay It Forward Day soon. Anyone got advice for me how to spread the word in my hometown in Germany? I doubt that many Germans are willing to read the leaflets/cards if they are in English. Any suggestions? D’ya think I should make my own ones in German? But that would mean a lot of extra work. :((

RESPONSE: We will do our best to get them translated to German for you. Look forward finding out how you pay it forward German style 🙂

Lachie | Location: Heathcote,NSW,Sydney,Australia

I am an 11 year old boy and for my school i have decided to participate in pay it forward day. A television station is coming to film me do it!I am putting together a care pack for a sick kid in hospital with a plush toy,magazines,comics,lolly and candy with a colouring book.I am inspired by all the people that participate.So let’s do it let’s change the world one good deed at a time!!!

Lisa | Location: Canberra, Australia

I work in the city, where there is paid parking from 8:30 til 5:30, it works out cheaper to purchase an all day ticket rather than paying per hour, I usually finish work at 4:30, I always make sure that I give my ticket to someone who is pulling into the carpark as I leave, it may only save people a few dollars, but there smile always finishes my day on a high

Christina | Location: Texas

I added your information to my Facebook to spread the word –

This is something I try and practice every day … the world would be a better place if everyone did this EVERY day.

Keep up the great work & what a wonderful idea 🙂

Joe Manion | Location: Tampa, FL

This is a day that should be a way of life for everyone and it starts with me.

Jacqueline | Location: Illinois

A few months ago my ex-husband and I went through a divorce. I gave him our dining room table previously when we moved out of our home to later find out that he threw it away. So a friend gave us a table with only one chair. I have three children in addition to myself, so I tried for awhile to make it work but felt like I needed to find another table so I donated it. I prayed for months to get a table to gather around with my family, friends and others to enjoy a meal or just talk. So last week I went to a store to “look” for a Kitchen table. I’ve been wanting a table for at least 4-6 people but was unable to afford one because the company I was working for no longer had money to pay their employees so I stepped down. The woman working at the store and I exchanged phone numbers because we both recently started our own businesses and we both had a desire to help others. I knew when the time was right that God would provide a table for us. I did not buy a table at that time but a few minutes after I left the store this women called me and told me to come back in the store and that I could pick out any table and chairs I wanted. She told me that God put this on her heart. I cried with Joy because this meant that my children and I could once again sit at the table and have “Family Dinners”! She told me to “Pay It Forward”. I had no idea what that meant until today. And now I found this group and totally believe that if each of us shows kindness to someone in this way, we can bring so much joy into the lives of others and reach around the world!

Ms. Ross | Location: Jackson, MS

Was really impressed when I watched the trailer to the movie. As a Christian and always wanting to do better, this really touched my soul! AWESOME!

Gai Luff | Location: Eleebana – Newcastle

I decided to contribute to the Pay It Forward by forwarding my $900.00 to a friend Tom who has Celebral Palsy and needs carers to help support him. Tom has to live on a Disability Pension and I know how hard this must be. Anybody that gets to met Tom can only be inspired by his challenging life’s journey.

Jan | Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia

This is a great idea. I have contacted local radio stations to get them on board in spreading the word about PIF Day.
My sister, in Melbourne, has taken the information to the school where she works where the children will take part.

Bret | Location: Toledo, Ohio, USA

have not seen the movie nor read the book, but a big fan of the idea of reaching out to others. Have been taking part in mission projects through our local church. And will even be using this idea as the basis for a talk (aka, sermon — substitute for our normal preacher that day) I’ll be giving to our church congregation.
Keep on spreading the word and we can all make a change in the world, one step at a time.

Josiah Perry Clarke | Location: Edmonton, Alberta

I loved the movie and havent read the book… i have always tried to do this being a kind hearted person, this world needs more of this i am going to print out a whole whack of these and cirulate them around edmonton. i try and do at least one good deed a day whether its helping someone push there stalled car out of the way or picking up a hitch hiker on a cold day…. thanks guys and keep on paying it forward

Milly | Location: Georgetown

Loooooooove it. Can’t wait, it is awesome that people are paying it forward. It is one of my favourite films and the idea is a great one. Let’s be part of a worldwide phenomenon!!!!

PS: Love the cards by the way….great way to spread the message and encourage random acts of kindness 🙂

Yzabela Dior | Location: Australia

it is my birthday on the 30th of April.
I am thinking of having a Pay It Frward Birthday!
Has anyone got some great ideas or is there anyone born on 30th of April and is willing to have a bay it forward Birthday party?
I am really looking forward to it. No gifts- let’s just start the ripple effect!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay | Location: Ontario, Canada

I am a huge fan of the Pay it Forward movie, and the movement its self. I think everyone should take part in it. I have requested my local newspaper and news station air a section to start the movement here in Ontario. I am also a Fan on Facebook. Looking forward to making someone’s day April 30th!

Vicky Olson | Location: New Jersey

Oh let me in on this. I just found this page from a link on facebook. I am going to tell all about this adn get it out!

Angel | Location: port st. luice

I think we all should do pay it forword. We need to help otherpeople,I helped lots of people befor I saw the why are people just siting around not doing any thing at all. so if you are that kind of person then get up and help some one. I’m 15 years old and I’m doing what i can to help people. I halped my next door neober who has 15 dogs.I help her walk them feed them,ever sence her hubin died. I think of her as a mom to me. Because i don’t have a mom because i’m a fosterchild.P.S help someone and ask them to pay it forword by helping 3 people.

Teri Howard | Location: United Kingdom

Keep up the good work. We will be supporting the day in the UK.

best wishes and good luck
teri howard

Mandy | Location: Cairns

How good is ‘Pay it Forward’? Random acts of kindness can change the world for the better. We should all get behind a day like this – imagine if everyone got involved. I love it – reminds of Ghandi “be the change you want to see in the world.’ We can be that change! Keep up the good work.

Sharon | Location: Santa Cruz, CA

I was inspired by a probation officer who voluntarily started a soccer team comprised of opposing gang members and leads it on her own. I nominated her for a Jefferson Award (KSBW TV in Salinas, CA), and because of this small letter, she has been profiled on television several times, and she received the recognition she deserved. She shows how one person can positively impact an entire community. She was unaware of this nomination, and I tried to keep it secret (pay it forward), but she pressured them to tell who nominated her — she was so delighted that someone would acknowledge her efforts. Amazing story, and I’m so glad she received accolades for her good work. 🙂

Beck Scott | Location: Brisbane, Australia

I love the concept! I’ve printed the leaflet and stuck it all over my workplace…. but have you noticed the date in the “Why Pay It Forward” section still reads Fri 5 April 2008???

Just thought I’d flag it.

Madison McCowan | Location: London, Kentucky

I was so moved by the Pay It Forward campaign that I (along with some adult volunteers), started PIF London Chapter. (London, Kentucky) We set monthly community service projects and work toward the successful achievements of these goals. For the first quarter of 2009, we are collecting Teddy Bears for the Shriners Children Hospital, making “Love” gift bags for the residents of our local Nursing Home, and collecting diapers, bottles etc for our local Pregnancy Center. In addition, I still continue to do daily acts of kindness. Pay It Forward is now my lifestyle.

melizza flores | Location: southern california

There was a dance at my school and my friend didn’t have money to buy a ticket so i bought it for her.

Becca | Location: North Carolina

I was truly inspired by the movie PIF and decided it was time for me to do something about it. I am starting a program at my high school called ‘Pay It Forward’ to inspire teenagers in my community to volunteer. I am setting up all the times and calling into volunteer places in my community for students who sign up at the school. I am also asking them to use the pay it forward method by asking for nothing in return but to pay it forward. This i believe will grow and truly help out my community as we need it now more than ever. Wish me luck!!

Rachel | Location: West Australia

As a newly single Mum struggling for money, I realised that I didn’t have the ingredients needed to make my son a cake for his third birthday. I went and asked at the local charity if they had any flour, which they didn’t. The volunteer went out the back, and I saw her take money from her own purse.She handed me the coins, telling me she had taken it from petty cash. I was very touched by the gesture of this elderly volunteer, who was so sympathetic to my plight. Now I am in a more financially secure position, I accept every opportunity to help out by handing over a few coins if somebody is a bit short at the checkout. And i delight in handing over money to kids that are busking or washing car windows to follow their dreams!Pay it forward is inspirational- and I think if more people lived with the Pay it Forward maxim in their hearts, the world would be a better, kinder place.

Hayley | Location: Newcastle, Australia

I love this concept!People are often helping you out when you dont even notice and I know it has happened to me many times. And for that I am truly grateful! One of my most inspiring moments in life was about 3 years ago. I had just finished working in France and there was a container that had been there all year with a heap of coins. No one wanted it and no one could be bothered taking it because of the weight and “inconvenience”, besides how could we split it up. I then suggested with the others that there would be some one else out there that would probably appreciate it more than us. So I took the bag of coins with my father and brother on our journey through Italy. As we were leaving Rome – I spotted a young boy – not much older than my brother (14) offering to wash windows for money. I stuck my head out the window and waved him to come over. I then pulled out the massive bag of shrapnel (which had over 20 Euros in it) and handed it to him. His eye’s were wide and in disbelief. He was SO excited. He thanked us through air kisses, and jumping up and down. He ran to his sitting spot and kept waving his arms in gratitude. It was honestly one of the most real moments in my life! To see that genuine smile and enthusiasm of gratitude is what life is about – and with pay it forward it can only happen over and over again!!! I’ve printed some cards and hope I can bring that smile back out again in someone else!

Simonne | Location: Sydney

Something I ALWAYS do is to give my seat up on the bus for pregnant women.. it saddens me to see how many people will let a heavily pregnant woman stand on a bus!

Margie | Location: Liverpool

Thank you to the person who paid it forward to me. I am a struggling single mother who has found it difficult to deal with rising interest rates – for some stranger to pay for my groceries made me feel very happy and showed me how much good there is in the world. I just wish I knew who it was so I can thank them properly. I will be paying it forward and handing someone the card soon. What a great concept!

Lisa | Location: Cloverdale

I paid for the person’s order behind me at a Tim Horton’s drive thru today. I left a Pay It Forward card with the employee to give them and hopefully they will continue to pay it forward.

Dorothy Gigliotti | Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I was inspired by what Blake created last year and took on getting exposure in Canada for this years’ event.

It�s been proven that giving away creates happiness, both in the recipient and in the giver. There was an article on the front page of the Vancouver Sun on Friday March 21st. It talked about a study conducted by a University of BC Psychologist Elizabeth Dunn. The study proved that spending money on yourself wasn�t good enough, it was when people spent money on other people where the level of happiness was the highest. This study specifically looked at people spending money on themselves as well as giving money away, however, I would suggest that there is just as much power in giving whether it involves money or not.

The idea of Pay It Forward Day is to make a difference in peoples lives. To get in touch with what feelings you experience when you carry out random acts of kindness and what feelings are experienced by the recipient. If you like the experience what would it be like if you had that experience every single day. There is power in giving and I like to speculate on what could be accomplished in the world if giving was a part of everyones lives every day.

You may think that you are just one person in this world, however, by just one small act of kindness you may very well BE THE WORLD to one person. Join me in paying it forward on April 4th and make it a practice every day.

Also, please tell us about your stories by posting them here.

Felipe | Location: Van Tech

I liked the Pay it forward idea, because this make people to do good things even if those are really small. I am sure that people that want to get rid of the paper don’t through away, because they would feel guilty. Instead of feeling guilty a small good action would solve it.

Steven | Location: Vancouver Technical

Good deeds and kindness in giving is what this world is lacking. To give is to recieve, its good for our health and it will inspire others to do good deeds as well. There are so many people suffering in our world today. For today,I will try to help someone. Also i recieved this pay it forward day card so im going to pass it on today. This is a great experiance to help others. It will be a great day when everyday all of us can do each other good deeds,the world will be a better place.

prabhdeep | Location: vancouver Canada

i will go to the temple and distribute free food for homless peopple for a week and and i wont charge a cent.

Kylie Catterick | Location: Gungahlin

I saw a disabled woman and her carer in a liquor store where the woman wanted to buy her special care bus driver a gift of his favourite bottle of scotch. It was obvious that she couldn’t afford it so I picked up a bottle, paid for it and asked the sales girl to pass it onto the woman for me. I tried to get out of the store before the lady spotted me but couldn’t but didn’t mind when I saw the tears of gratitude in her eyes.

Jen | Location: Connecticut, USA

Wish I would have known about this sooner…but it’s never too late to start! As a middle school teacher, I plan on dedicating the whole day to “Paying it Forward” tomorrow! My students were introduced to the idea today and can’t wait to come to school tomorrow! Wonderful concept.

Blake Beattie | Location: Gold Coast

A friend just contacted me about the Pay it Forward Day story Kochy and Mel ran on Channel 7’s Sunrise program today. A husband was trying to raise money to pay for his wife’s liver operation by selling raffle tickets. One generous man decided to participate in Pay it Forward Day by giving $10,000 to pay for the operation.

It just proves there is an amazing amount of positive energy and power in giving.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the day, and all those who continue to pay it forward every day by helping others in need.

“From what we get, we make a living. From what we give, we make a life.”


I’d like to thank the people who paid it forward to me. They don’t know who I am, nor the positive effect that their selfless involvement has had on my childrens and my lives. We now live in peace.
What price can one place on peace?
I truly hope that one day I have the opportunity to thank them personally.
I am paying it forward by volunteering within my local community.
Random acts of kindness, coupled with sincerity … makes life all the more worthwhile.

Karen | Location: Sunshine Coast

I love the whole Pay it Forward idea. I believe we can make an incredible difference in our often ‘self absorbed’ world. I believe we should help others every day. I love the concept of an international Pay it Forward Day and I look forward to spreading the word.

It would be great if the media gets behind it and help spread the word also – isn’t there enough negative, bad news that is circulated. I think people want to hear some good news, and together we can make a big difference that continues to make the world a better place. Have a beautiful day!

mia munro | Location: Gold Coast

Excellent plan! I am the Director for a company called Sisters In Sync Australia . A group of Phenomenal Women working together to make a difference! We will be behind this day and will promote to our whole network. Now lets watch the magic of contribution.

Message from the Author | Location: USA

“Pay it Forward Day is a brilliant initiative. It embodies the power of giving which is the cornerstone of my book. It is amazing the difference a simple idea can have in changing the world– one good deed at a time. I hope everyone can join with Blake on April 4, 2008 and Pay it Forward.”

Catherine Ryan Hyde — Author of Pay it Forward and 10 other novels, including the newly released “Chasing Windmills.”

Karen | Location: Gymea Bay, Sydney

My 2 year old daughter and I brought a beautiful bunch of flowers and gave it to a lady in the supermarket, she told me she was off the a nursing home, so I was happy that it was her I gave them to. When I got the the check out in that shop I paid for the lady behind us it was only $ 6.00, but she was very grateful I told her to go and do something nice for someone else, as i as leaving the shop I could hear people saying does anyone know that girl and her baby. It made me feel great and hopefully will install a good message to my baby daughter.

margo | Location: lismore

Hi i heard about this today on sunrise and couldn’t stop thinking about what i could do,then i remembered a airfare ticket that i had so i started trying to think of how this could help someone. I contacted westmead childrens hospital in sydney and asked for their help to find a family with a child who could use all the family together. They have just rung me back to say they have one family from western australia whose daughter has to have a liver transplant and her and mum and dad are in sydney but the other kids are still in WA they have been trying to get the money together for airfares for the other 2 kids so they could see their sister before she goes in for surgery but haven’t been able to, it makes me so happy to know that i was able to do such a kind thing for this family. Thankyou for putting this idea out there and allowing me to help them and in turn helping me

Jillian | Location: Gympie Queensland

Wow!!! Kindness in Giving is what this world is lacking. To give is to recieve, its good for our health and great spiritual growth. There are so many people suffering in our world today. JUST FOR TODAY,I will do someone a good turn, without anyone knowing. This is a humbling spiritual experiance I try to do once a week. Pay it forward works when I work it and help others to do the same. It will be a great day when everyday all of us can do each other good deads…..the world will be a better place.

Sarah | Location: Sydney

I’m a little concerned that people may use this site to ask for money when they don’t really need it. I urge people to do good deeds for those they can see are genuinely in need rather than organising financial assistance to those that provide email addresses/phone numbers. By hearing people’s stories through email and phone it could be easy for them to falsify their situation. Just be careful because some people may use this site to con others into giving money where it is not truly needed.

Kathy Morse | Location: Geelong

About 6 years my husband and I were waiting in line to get out of a carpark in Geelong and the lady taking the money left her booth and started walking down the line talking to all the drivers. When she got to us she asked us to back up so as to let the driver at the front of the line room to back out. I asked if it was because he didn’t have the money to get out and she said yes so we paid for him to leave.
I immediately thought of the movie as I was making the decision and hoped that the elderly gentleman would do someone a good deed in the future.

David | Location: Bankstown

I’m Glad some one has taken the initive to do this now.
I congratulate you Blake on taking up the challenge and encouraging others to do so.
Imagine if the day attracts the attention of national news. We should all make it an annual on going Day of PAY IT FOWARD. The movie is a must see for everyone, it changes your entire outlook on life.Even the smallest thing like holding open a store door for someone and giving a smile can be a life changing event, ( you never know what the person you just held the door open for maybe going through and that smile may save their life). I believe the movie was made because of the fact it’s already happened and still happening and was based on some truth of a real story. Started in Australia in 1982. Or perhaps Urban Legend. Anywasy it’s a good cause and even Oprah is on the Bandwagon. SO I’m glad your all taking up the challenge.

Blake | Location: Sydney

I wanted to share a recent example of ‘Pay it Forward’ in action. A couple were recently dining in Little Italy in Cronulla. They had a lovely meal, and when they finished they went up to pay their bill, but were advised that their bill had already been fixed up. An unknown couple nearby had paid it for them.

It made that young couple’s day and restored greater faith in the community as a whole.

We can change the world, one good deed at a time. Love it!

Gayla Maxwell | Location: Victoria

This has absolutely made my day.

I will certainly pass it on to my contacts to start with. (It has already traveled to Canada! I was speaking to my mother in Canada as I was checking emails � I read the Pay it Forward Day details to her knowing she would enjoy it also – and she has said she will be playing it forward on March 16th. I explained it was paying it forward but regardless, there will be one retirement apartment in Toronto making a difference and feeling good about themselves as they do it. I thought you might enjoy knowing how you�ve affected lives on the other side of the world already� she was very excited to have an important task.)